Pounamu are able to give live Maori performances at a very high and professional standard.

  • Hear the sound of the putatara
  • See the ritual of the challange
  • Hear the karanga, which is the female call of welcome
  • See and hear a colourful, informative, educaional and entertaining presentation of culture assisted by a commentary with explanations throughout


Moteatea (Traditional chant)


Drift into the past momentarily with the mystic chants of yore.



Waiata a Ringa (Action song)

Waiata a ringa are action songs. History and legends retold in song and dance. Tap your feet to the harmonious action songs.




Poi's symbolise the sound and movement of New Zealand native birds. Be enthralled by the captivating poi.



Haka (War dance)

The haka is the most widely known performance as used by the All Blacks (New Zealand's national rugby team) to challenge their rivals. The haka was originally used as a WAR CRY and as a preparation before battle. Witness the Maori weaponary display and the powerful haka.


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