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Here you will find countries and places we have visited with brief explanations from staff and students of Pounamu as employment and training allowed the world to be explored. You can view the vast range of countries visited, the people and the cultures as experienced by Pounamu personnel.

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Welcome to our international tours. We have been fortunate to travel to many countries around the world throughout the years.

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Taiwan, 1992, 1998, 1999 Hong Kong, 1995 Japan, 1988, 1989 India, 1990 France, 1987 Austria, 1987 Time in Nairobi Time in Germany Australia Hong Kong Australia India Japan Taiwan Kenya Germany Austria France Italy Hawaii Canada LosAngeles

1987 Europe

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Austria
  • France
  • Italy
  • Germany 


Frankfurt Germany

After travelling around Europe, we then returned to Frankfurt, Germany and performed at Touristica, the European international travel show. This was a real coup for C&E Tours. Their 'insider' contacts were well aware of the promotional potential of Touristica because of the immensity of the venue and the consistently high patronage of previous shows. This year's show attracted the same intense interest.

The inaugral Flight

Pounamu was sponsored by Air New Zealand to welcome the inaugural flight from Auckland to Frankfurt on October 31st 1987. This was the initial leg of the 6-week promotional tour, which was then sponsored by Cultural and Entertainment Tours, an organisation that promoted Maori tourist interests throughout New Zealand.



This was part of our European tour. This section of our tour in Austria covered the following places:

  • Vienna
  • Salzburg

Pounamu was sponsored by Air New Zealand to welcome their inaugural flight to Frankfurt on October 31st. Cultural and Entertainment tours we held throughout different countries in Europe.


One of our performers overlooking Monaco


This was part of our European tour. This section of our tour in France covered the following places:

  • Monaco
  • Cannes
  • Strasbourg

1989 Japan

In the gardens


This tour covered the following places:

  • Tokyo
  • Kurumayama

We took part in the annual "New Zealand Week" celebrations, providing our special brand of performing arts. Selected chefs from New Zealand prepared and presented a delectable range of foods for the Japanese palate to appreciate, along with the static display of New Zealand culture.

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1990 Japan, India, Hawaii

Sumo Wrestlers with 2 of our performers


This tour covered the following places:

  • Tokyo
  • Kurumayama

In 1990, a highlight of this tour was meeting the sumo wrestlers of Polynesian extract, and being invited to watch their training session. We duly returned the invitation for them to attend our presentation and noted the respect and awe that they received from our Japanese hosts upon their arrival.

Pounamu by the Taj Mahal

In March 1990 Pounamu toured India - the first Maori culture group to be invited by the Indian government as guests on a reciprocal cultural exchange visit with Ashla Bosle (the acclaimed traditional Indian singer) and her 16-piece orchestra who toured New Zealand at the same time.

This was one of the most exciting tours undertaken by Pounamu, for we visited the Taj Mahal - the 'love monument' and a 'Wonder of the World'; the Ganges River - the sacred Indian waters and we also stood by the monument where Gandhi's ashes were! A truly unforgettable experience!

  • New Delhi
  • Lucknow
  • Aggra
  • Calcutta
  • Bombay

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1991 Australia


Pounamu traveled to Australia in 1990. We were invited to participate in a New Zealand Expo, which was held in Melbourne and Sydney. There were many other artists from around the Pacific. Pounamu thrilled the crowd with beautiful waiata and aggressive haka. A major highlight was meeting the local indigenous people of Australia.

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1992 Africa, Nairobi Kenya

Speaker at the conference


Pounamu, as part of a delegation to Nairobi, were integral in winning the bid to host the 19th World Congress of Rehabilitation International in Auckland New Zealand in 1996. ACC and Convention Management Services sponsored Pounamu to present an 11 minute living cultural display of Maori performing arts (putatara, challenge, karanga, waiata and poi) as opposed to the video presentations from the other contenders.

The assembly of 150 voters took only hour to make their choice for the next country to host in an unusual break from protocol - such was their enthusiasm for New Zealand's bid that they dispensed with the normal secret ballots and raised their hands to vote instead.

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1993 Thailand, Canada


Pounamu travelled to Canada performing in the major cities,this was a very exciting trip we had the oppoturnity to travel with a team from Rarotonga

1995 Hong Kong


As with previous tours Pounamu has always insisted on high quality performances, no matter what country and no matter what venue. There was a need for versatility and adaptability when we were called upon to perform on the top of a mobile tram moving down the main business street of Hong Kong, during peak traffic hours.

Staff from the TradeNZ Hong Kong office accompanied us on the tram and were extremely enthusiastic in assisting us in any way possible, to the extent where they even tried to blow the putatara (conch shell) - this is no easy feat for the un-initiated.

Such experiences make each overseas tour memorable.

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1998 Thailand, Taiwan


Pounamu was invited to Bangkok to celebrate New Zealand Day with all the Kiwi's living in Thailand.

1999 Taiwan


The overwhelming respect and response from the Taiwanese people was almost too much to encounter. There were many aspects, which seemed very familiar with our way of life. Contracted by the Tourism Board we found ourselves performing in a five star hotel where people gathered through curiosity to see the indigenous people of New Zealand. The performances were received well especially the demonstration of the weaponry.

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2002 Taiwan 

This was the groups 5th visit to the country where they travelled throughout the island with the company, "Zespri," promoting Kiwifruit where they hope to market up to 3 million trays of fruit.

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2002 Fukuoka, Japan 

Pounamu travelled with the Mayor of Auckland Honourable John Banks to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Aucklands sister city Fukuoka.

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2003 Shinagawa, Tokyo 

Pounamu travelled with the Mayor of Auckland Honourable John Banks to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Aucklands sister city Shinagawa.

Pounamu had the opportunity to mix and mingle with Japanese families, this was a major highlight on the trip.

Another highlight was meeting up with an ex-Pounamu and Te Waka Huia member Tomika Whiu who is currently teaching english in Japan.

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2004 Norway


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2005 Middle East, Dubai 

During April and May 2005, Pounamu attended significant events in Dubai utilising kapa haka as a marketing tool of New Zealand products and services. Through Tourism New Zealand, the Shangri-La Hotel Dubai, Emirates Holidays World and Dnata Holiday Lounge Pounamu portrayed the authenicity and uniqueness of New Zealand through kapa haka.

Our thanks to Tourism NZ, Emirates Holiday World, Emirates Airlines, Maori Experienz, the Shangri-La Hotel and the House of Arushi and the many wonderful friends we met in Dubai.

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2009 Shanghai, China 

In March 2009, Pounamu travelled to Shanghai, China to the official opening of NZ Central, a business hub for New Zealanders conducting trade in China and throughout other parts of Asia.  The opening cermony was conducted by NZ Prime Minister John Key.  It is expected that NZ Central will be a key focal point for businesses in preparation for the World Expo being hosted by the city of  Shanghai in 2010.

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